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Success: How the “Maybes” will Kill Your Business

What Maybes Really Mean

So many people in small business hate to sell. Unfortunately, without sales, there are no customers. Without customers, there is, well, no business.

What most business people really fear is being told no. It hurts their self-worth because when prospects say no to their product or service, they think they are saying “no” to them personally. Most business people instead settle for a “maybe.” They interpret a “maybe” as “it’s just not now.” This soothes their ego and avoids that fearful rejection. Unfortunately, a “maybe” also cripples their business.

The best answer in sales is “yes.” You made the pitch and they bought your product! Most business people think that “maybe” is the second-best answer since this means the prospect will buy “sometime in the future.” Unfortunately, “sometime in the future” usually turns into never. So many prospects are so averse to the confrontation around a “no,” they would rather say “maybe.” In fact, sometimes a “yes” becomes a “maybe.” Many times, the prospect says “yes,” but the sale never happens.

A quick “no” is always better than a “maybe.” A “no” allows you to stop spending time on a prospect that does not currently have the pain your business solves or the money to buy your product. Too much time is spent on “dead prospects” because you can’t bear to move on. You don’t want to let go of all the time that was invested in that prospect.

However, moving on releases you to find another prospect who will buy from your company. This does not mean you forget about the other prospect. Add them to your monthly marketing suspect funnel and contact them about the value you offer on a consistent basis. When they have the pain that you relieve and the money, they will contact your business. Remember, you can’t sell anything to anyone. You just need to be there when they are ready to buy.

To get the maximum out of your sales time:

  1. Find the prospects who have the pain you solve.
  2. Find the prospects who have the money to solve the pain.
  3. Find the decision-maker who can spend the money.
  4. Get a “no” rather than a “maybe.”

Who are those prospects who have been crippling your company with maybes?

Barry MoltzSpeaker, Consultant & Author
With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures, Barry has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners out of their funk and marching forward. He has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 15 years. He is the author of three small business books. | Facebook | @BarryMoltz | More from Barry

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  1. ravens jerseyVisitor

    so good for this post

  2. Rosella YoungVisitor

    Hello, Barry. Wow, I never thought a “no” good feel so great. This concept also makes you listen a little harder. Thanks for explaining the difference. I had not really thought of it this way before. Just saw everyone in one basket, sort of speak. Recently, I read that “no” sometimes doesn’t really mean no. It means no, not now. That was an interesting way of thinking too. So now the question becomes how much time do I want to work on nos? Because it is a lot harder and a challenge to do that. So I balance it out. When I get bored with a bunch of yeses and feel the need for a challenge, then I work on one no until the finish. So nos can become a motivator in that way. Boredom can hurt a business too. So this puts a little fun into the mix. Well, but I have to be in the mood for it. Ah, that’s another story. Thank you for your time in reading this message. Take care. Rosella Young, AA-1 Desings, Longaberger Consultant, American Made All In One, Invest in yourself

  3. MartinezVisitor

    great post. I get useful info.

  4. Esther WilliamsVisitor

    this is a good post. It is interesting and full of information that gives food for thought.



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