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Are You Taking Your Company To The Next Level Online?

Taking Online Marketing To Another Level

Recently I asked in one of my previous blogs “What sets you apart from your competitors?” What have you done for them to easily locate you, your company, your product or services?’ I even provided some easy online marketing rules to live by using your website.  Now I want to expound on online marketing. 

To set yourself apart from your competitors you “must” have a BRANDED website.  A BRANDED website not only focuses on your company’s name but it also Speaks Volumes For You in several ways.  Everytime online content about your company is displayed it should be BRANDED content. Your BRANDED content should be the same content that is being displayed in your collateral materials. Pay close attention to your website’s keywords (aka Search Engine Optimatization-SEO) does it fully tell us about your company? 

If you are a Bookkeeper for Non-Profit Organizations and a potential client began looking for you are they able to find you?  They would if you display the proper BRANDED conent for your company’s website.  With the proper content eventually your company will be placed high within the website rankings, offering you a “high” probability of being contacted about your company, its product or services.  If you are on a tight budget, take the time to frequently submit your url to several of the free search engines.  

Did you know that another way to help your target audience easily locate your company is by creating your own “personalized” company database?  How?  Do you collect business cards when you’re out networking?  Begin creating your own “personalized” company database with the business cards.  Another way is once again using your website.  On each page of your website allow the viewer to sign up for company information on specials, newsletters, or updates by providing you with their email address.  Whenever you send “anything” out to your target audience make sure you are using your company’s BRANDED email address.

The more you use your company’s BRAND the more visibility you are creating for your company’s name, product or services.  When sending out mass emails use approved companies like Coolermail or Constant Contact to avoid sending spam and having your email account(s) being shut down or blocked.  Additionally, these companies offer webinars, tips and updates on how to effectively use online marketing tools.   

Social media is another online marketing source that offers excellent opportunities for creating partnerships and developing relationships.  When deciding which social media would best suit your company’s needs consider your company’s product or services. 

  • MySpace offers a more entertainment, young, diverse community. 
  • LinkedIn offers a more “business community” where you can connect more closely and personally with those of similar interests whether it is in Human Resource Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Event Planning, TV/Film Marketing or Marketing Communication. 
  • Facebook offers a community of socializing with family, friends and loved ones while connecting with others 
  • Twitter offers a community of  virtual real time interactive updates
  • Youtube offers a community of variety and can be utilized as a substitution for mainstream TV, and let us not forget YELP. 
  • YELP is another form of a social media source offering a diversity of business networking opportunities from company postings to company recommendations to company rankings to connecting more closely with other companies that may be able to suit your needs. 
  • There are several other Social Media threads available to you outside of those listed for business introductions, leads and opportunities just research them carefuly to see which ones will work for you. 

With so much competition, using various types of online presence can help to validate your company’s product or services, garner business, create partnerships, develop relationships and offer supply chain opportunities.   Using these various online marketing strategies can help take your company to another level.

Vernita Naylor, Ft. Worth SCORE
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