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Finance: SBA Extends Patriot Express Loan for 3 Years

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A very popular initiative that in just three-and-a-half years has provided more than $560 million in loan guarantees to nearly 7,000 veterans to start or expand their small businesses is being renewed for three more years, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.


Patriot Express loans are offered by SBA’s network of participating lenders nationwide and feature one of SBA’s fastest turnaround times for loan approvals.  Patriot Express loans are available for up to $500,000.

For veterans this is a viable option for securing financing and I encourage qualified entrepreneurs to consider these loans.

Your local SCORE office can assist you in working with an SBA “preferred lender” or respond to this blog with your questions and I’ll try to provide more information.

Good Luck!!

Steve BloomChapter Chair & Business Mentor, SCORE Atlanta
Steve Bloom started several business ventures in mortgage banking, real estate development and management, importing and business consulting. He has invested in several startups and has been retained by owners to assist in “turning around” businesses. | @stevebloom | More from Steve

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  1. Hi Jailbreak, interesting user name :-) All of the SCORE bloggers have varied and extensive careers that require us to stay up to date on issues and events that concern our business and also affect our SCORE clients. I was formerly a mortgage banker and financed HUD apartment loans and also served a consultant to smallbusinesses that were intersted in securing SBA guaranteed loans. This was before I became a SCORE volunteer. I am on numerous lists government and professional associations and receive almost daily information pertaining to SBA and traditional financing opportunities.As a FORMER (the emphasis is intended :-))
    Angel Investor, still try to assist small business in undestandingthe Angel and VC communities and blog mostly on finance issues. Stay tuned, my next blog probably tomorrow will discuss SBA 8(a) changes that go into practice on 3/14.
    Steve Bloom

  2. This is great! How did you learn this stuff?


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