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Life Balance: There is Always a Price to Pay for Success
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Finding Balance Between Home and Family Life

Working MotherWe must always give up something to get something in life or in business. The greater the value, the greater the sacrifice required.

Is it worth it? When I look back at all the things, I had to give up when I was in business I can tell you now that it was worth it.

However, at the time my children were not happy that I was not there to celebrate their birthdays, make their basketball games and drive them places they wanted to go or be the parent that went on the field trips.

There will always be a price to pay for success and my children remember this. My time was limited to early mornings before they went to school, evenings and Sundays. I always made time during school vacations and they said at the time that was not enough. The challenge is always, does work and the future plan for a comfortable life come first or the family? When I ask my children now that they are grown they can say, that it was necessary to work hard and they saw that I was able to provide a better lifestyle for them because of my hard work.

In many cases we are unable to spend the time we need with our families when we are building a business as we put the business first so that we can create a comfortable lifestyle. We must realize that the rewards of true success are well worth the effort and time that it takes. We also know that along the way we are always learning and sometimes pay for mistakes that we have made.

My three daughters realize that my work ethic inspired them to see that rewards come with hard work and the time I was not with them was worth it.

Now they say that they barely remember…what they do remember is the privileged lifestyle I was able to provide for them.

From experience I can tell you that life balance is important but business will create a comfortable life if you are successful. Do what needs to be done to create your future.

Julie BranderBusiness Mentor, SCORE New Haven
Julie has been a SCORE volunteer since 1997. She has 20 years of experience in business, starting a manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewelry company. After selling her business, she dedicated herself to helping other entrepreneurs start and expand their business. | @juliebrander | More from Julie

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  1. carol ringVisitor


    I too had the same experience, struggling to spend time with my kids and juggle a rising career. In fact, my kids have also told me recently, now that they’re grown up, that I was a great mom during those years and that I was there when it was important. They don’t remember nearly as many of the long nights at work that I felt so guilty about. I think the key is honoring your personal values. If you really enjoy what you do at work and you also value family time, then its a matter of saying no to alot of other things to stay focused on these two key elements in your life. If you don’t enjoy your work, then it saps your energy and you’ll feel even more guilty about the time away from family. Thanks for sharing!


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