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Project Management: A Flight Of Beauty

Project Management 101

Overwhelmed? Can’t seem to get ahead of your projects? Are you experiencing problems managing your projects?  Are you clearly defining your scope of work?  Is your budget out of control?  Having problems working within deadlines?  Have you considered that maybe you are not effectively planning the management of your projects?  Let Project Management 101: A Flight Of Beauty, be the guide to your project’s success.

A project can be anything that requires any type of managing efforts.  A Project Manager is someone that leads, and controls the project’s efforts. We all know that every project should begin with a goal and objective, Scope Of Work (SOW), set deadline or milestone, an operating budget and desired deliverables.  With these basic steps in mind, the following are a few steps that can help you, as the Project Manager, manage “any” project:

DEFINE and IDENTIFY – Clearly identify and understand the scope of the project.  Get an understanding of the project’s objectives and goals. Clearly “define” the project, seeing it from all aspects, including from a 3D perspective.

PLAN and ARRANGE – Identify all tasks required to fulfill the project’s efforts including milestone, budget, resources, level of responsibilities and activities.

ORGANIZE –How will the project be structured?  Who will lead?  Who will handle finances?

MANAGE – Assure that all levels of roles and responsibilities are assigned, teams developed, work activities outline and infrastructure solidified.

EXECUTE - Who? What? When? Where? And How? Including contingencies, assumptions, risks and solutions.

SCHEDULE – Spreadsheets, Reports, Presentation, Minutes…….. What type of communication tools to be used? What are the communication tools frequencies?  What are your quality control efforts? How will sudden changes or disruptions be handled?  How would change in deadlines or constraints be handled? 

CLOSE OUT or DELIVERABLES – What are your deliverables?  Were they met? What is your close out format and methods? Before you close out the project ask yourself, did you properly plan the management of your project effectively?  Did you stay within SOW, within budget and within deadline?  Review project results from all aspects, includingn from a 3D perspective.  What are the lessons learned, and best practices?

Remember, you as the Project Manager must clearly know and understand your project’s goals and objectives, SOW, deadline/milestone, budget and desired deliverables.  Always be S.M.A.R.T:

Specific  -  see your project from a 3D perspective
Measurable - what type of results goals need to be reached?
Assignable - what is the infrastructure including the roles of responsibilities?
Realistic - are your goals and objective reachable and realistic?
Time Related - what are your milestone/deadlines?

Vernita Naylor, Ft. Worth SCORE
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  1. Nice post, but the image is what caught my eye. Don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful image on the Internet :-)

  2. PM HutVisitor

    I love how you summarized the whole basics of Project Management in this concise post.

    If your readers would like to indulge more in Project Management, then I’ve published a long series that are targeted at the absolute beginners, you can find it here.


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