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Success: In Praise of Plan B

Alternative Business Models Bring Success

Plan B. The idea of resorting to a Plan B, instead of your original business idea for most people is about as inviting as an unwanted guest at a party. Why? It’s probably because they view Plan B as an admission of failure–their business model didn’t work.

But is that really the way to look at Plan B? Or should it be viewed as just one more step on the road to business success? To switch metaphors a bit, Plan B can offer a lifeboat in tough times.

That’s certainly the case of DC area’s Treet bakery owner, Theresa Pinelli. Knowing she’d always loved entertaining and baking, Pinelli dreamed of establishing a retail store. After years of working hard for several brand name companies, she made plans to start her own retail bakery. However, after assessing the high cost of setting up a retail company, Pinelli realized that if she opted for a Plan B–an online bakery business, she could afford it. An online business would reduce the cost of her overhead, and she’d rent out space as needed. It wasn’t the way she envisioned her original bakery, but she opted for Plan B, an arrangement that gave her alot of flexibility in the choices she made. That decision help make her dream goal of owning and operating her own business a reality.

So, the next time you hear Plan B, imagine this: a trusted mentor is tapping you on the shoulder and urging you to keep your eye on the ultimate goal–establishing and growing a successful business.

Heather Taylor, Guest Blogger
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