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Computer technology is deeply rooted in practically everything we do now. In fact, we all benefit by updating the tools we keep in our business tool box. Here are a few tools that I started using recently. Are these keepers for our virtual business management tool boxes?

LinoLinoWondering where to quickly store and retrieve your sticky notes whether you are in your office or at home? Or, in another town, state or country? A few weeks ago I found Lino, which I use for tracking general project tasks and all of those sticky notes that creep into your daily life. Easy of use is one reason I find myself using it more and more. Basically, Lino is a free sticky and canvas service that requires nothing but a web browser. Take a note right away wherever you are. Then, access your sticky notes stored on lino from your home, office, or while traveling.

The canvas is great for quickly keeping track of projects, reminders and deadlines. The interface allows you to set due dates for your stickies; you’ll even receive an email reminder if desired. In addition, you can create groups and share your ideas with business colleagues, friends and family. Additional features are offered including a premium version for heavy users. Check it out and let us know what you think.

DropboxDropboxOnline file sharing is practically required in today’s business world. And, if you are still attaching files to emails you are definitely making your life more complicated then it needs to be. Dropbox is in some ways similar to Google Docs, but I’ve found one key advantage that Dropbox offers. You can store the files locally on your computer and sync  them with the online version and across computers. As a result, Dropbox operates like a backup service as well as a file sharing service. Best of all, a 2 GB account is free!

Any additional suggestions for new tools for small business owners? Drop us a comment – thanks.

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