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Marketing: Boring Newsletter Subjects Won’t Help Grow Your Business

Writing Headlines That Sell Your Business

If you’re spending time to send a monthly newsletter, ensure you are making the most of it. Your email newsletter competes for eyeballs from your readers. Unless you have a captive audience sitting at their computers waiting for just the right email from you, you have only a few seconds to get their attention before they hit the delete key.

And based on what I’ve been seeing in my email box, some of you who didn’t “get the memo” on this topic. During this month, I have received no less than ten email newsletters that have the subject — Monthly Newsletter.

Yes, at least ten newsletters from different companies had that subject line. Not good. And worse than that, who cares? A boring title like that doesn’t entice me to open the mail and find out what you have to tell me. If you are using this type of subject line for your newsletter, you are wasting your effort.

You want to make the subject interesting so your reader will open the mail and read what you have to say. In a nutshell, here is a basic guideline:

• Use a different subject line for each issue.
• Don’t include your company name or date.
• Tease the reader about what’s inside. (Learn how to xxx, Grab this exclusive offer, etc.)

Always remember to look at your client / prospect communications from their perspective. If you do, it will help you spice things up a bit and get you more opens — which is one of the objectives in the first place.

Denise O’Berry, Guest Blogger
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  1. You’re right Marti. You want to make the most of your newsletter by providing value to your customers and getting a good ROI for your company.

  2. These tips are very useful. Writing a newsletter is a major investment of time and energy–make it count by making the subject line enticing.


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