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Marketing: Part 2: Five Ways to Kill Your Business Blog
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Learn the Best Writing Style for Your Blog

You know what corporate-speak sounds like. It’s stiff. It’s inauthentic. It’s not credible. It makes you think there is no human being behind it. Want to kill your blog? Write in corporate-speak. I can guarantee you will scare away any readers.

Seriously, the secret to the success of any business or organizational blog is not only to blog but to write in an informal, conversational style.

Write as if you are a person. If you have multiple authors for your blog, each one should use his or her name when posting. Depending on what blogging software you use, you can link to a short bio of each of your bloggers. Or add to the bottom of the post.

TIP: Assign one person in your organization to be the point person or editor of your blog. She will keep an eye on the writing style to ensure that it’s reasonably consistent. She can solicit guest posts, from within or from outside contributors. That will ensure that your blog is regularly refreshed.

Debbie Weil, Guest Blogger
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  1. Thx for the post Debbie! And, thanks for joining us on the SCORE blog. I started reading your blog years ago and it was one of the blogs that inspired me to blog more often myself.

    WRT your post: so true! Blogging in the first person builds relationships, trust and a good overall feeling about the author. After reading your blog for some time now, I feel like I know you although we have never met. Again, thx.


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