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Marketing: Back 2 Basics Tips

Marketing Self-Assessment

Tips on A Napkin

Who would have thought that the basics are still viable today, as it was years ago? Do a self-assessment and see where you stand in these back to basics tips.

A. Create An Informal Business & Marketing Plan, 1-3 Pages Each, As A Blue Print For Your Company

B. Marketing Business Basics:
1. Exercise A Professional Phone & Email Presence
- Let Your Smile Radiate Through The Phone
- Return Calls & Emails Within 24 Hours
- Develop A Brief Company Identity On Your Voicemail
- Use Proper Grammar, Especially On Emails

2. Exercise Professional Work Ethics
- Be The Employer, Not The Employee

3. Customer Service
- Service Your Customer: Internally & Externally
- Not Only Listen, But Hear Your Customers’ Needs

4. Networking
- Build Relationships
- Create Partnerships

5. Word of Mouth Travels Fast And Far

6. Create Your Unique Brand
- Collateral Materials
- Online Presence
-  External Presence: You

7. Grassroots Mix Media
- Article Write Ups
- Interviews
- Get Adequate Attention For Your Company
- Courtesy Efforts:  Thank you, Birthday and Sympathy Cards; Emails and Friendly Phone Calls

C. Suggested Reading To Help Further You, Your Business, Your Relationships And Your Marketing Efforts:
- Who Moved My Cheese? Spencer Johnson, M.D.
- The Starbucks Experience (Principles For Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary) Joseph A. Michelli
- Reposition Yourself (Living Life Without Limits) T.D. Jakes

How did you rate? These Back 2 Basic Business & Marketing Tips are helpful despite your overall goals and objectives.


Vernita Naylor, Ft. Worth SCORE
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  1. Monica MageeVisitor

    I like your suggestion about starting with a quick buisness plan. I think this is more towards my speed and more realistic because I tend to procrastinate. I have been strugging to develop the traditional buisness plan 15 pages plus. Thanks for the advice.

  2. These are great tips we all need to improve on.Thanks for posting it.


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