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Management: Best Practices for Entrepreneurial Success

Q. What are the three best practices you think make an entrepreneur successful?


A. First and foremost, an entrepreneur must have a clear vision of what she is trying to achieve. Vision is about setting direction and dreaming in color vs. black and white. Document and communicate the Vision throughout the company to ensure alignment and focus.

Second, an entrepreneur must clearly understand her own strengths and weaknesses. She should build upon her strengths and leverage other professionals (e.g. accountants, patent attorneys, ad agencies, bankers) to offset her weaknesses. Successful entrepreneurs know when and who to ask for help.

Third, most successful entrepreneurs are continuous learners. They continually develop increased depth and breadth of knowledge through primary and secondary research, through building and leveraging their networks, through participation in professional societies, etc. Successful entrepreneurs know that reaching out to others makes them stronger, both today and in the future.

Sue Hartman, Guest Blogger
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  1. lisaVisitor

    It’s true, vision is important but also intuition and faith.

  2. As someone who just took the plunge this month and finally started the business I’ve been dreaming about I must say that these three points are right on the mark.

    Communicating your vision to others is difficult at the beginning of your enterprise, even though it is often so clear and so real in your own mind. This communication can be crucial in order to get the support you need.

  3. lalagirlVisitor

    I like what you said about continuous learning.


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