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SEO: Customers Who Search, Need to Find Your Business

i found you!You’ve worked very hard to create your web site. Now it’s time to get your potential customers to find you when they are typing in their search terms.

Here are a few actions you can do on the back end to help drive them to you:

  • Optimize Your Web Site Title Bar: Each site page must the strongest keywords at the very beginning of the title bar.  From my experience 65-70 characters is within SEO guidelines. However, the fewer the better.
  • Optimize Your Page Title: Again, use your strongest keywords at the beginning of each page title. Keep it to about 125 characters.
  • Customized Meta Description: Each web page must have a meta description with a maximum of 150 words–put the strongest of those keywords at the very beginning.
  • Meta Keywords: Use tools like WordTracker to help you determine the best keywords to use in your page, and then add them into your meta keywords on the backend.

There are so many more ways to help your customers find you in a search, but this should get you started. Do these few things to help you optimize your site to be found by search engines, and by your customers.

To learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can go to Google. Here’s to your success!

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  1. sajibVisitor

    A BC Search Engine Optimization expert has latest knowledge of the current trend in search engine fields – both organic ranking and the Google Maps/Places, new batch of social bookmarking, article marketing, etc. No matter what your situation is, we can understand your competitors, keywords and tailor the best solution for your successful business online. Especially in a service industry, the competition for grabbing customers is fierce, so a qualified BC Search Engine Optimization staff can help you get the best sales potential possible. After all, search engine is one of the biggest factors in online marketing and by making the slightest change at the outset can save you thousands over the long term of your marketing budget.
    A BC Search Engine Optimization expert can make this an easy, stress-free process as we essentially study your competitors and strives the best ranking for your site at the shortest time possible.

  2. I really liked that specific point you raised Erica about optimizing your inner web page titles too! That is one on-page SEO optimization factor that many newbie webmasters forget about. Great Tips.


    Daniel Tetreault.
    Victoria, BC, Canada

  3. Katrina SamsVisitor

    Great tips!
    Unfortunately most people do not bother to adjust their sites as well for the search engines, that which certainly would give them more visibility on the Internet.
    I’m glad to also find here articles that encourage people to apply resources to optimize sites for the search engines.
    Congratulations for the post!

  4. Great SEO tips Erica!
    We’ve found small business owners often fall short when it comes to the “IT” (info technology) resources required for their marketing programs. Online marketing has two equally important components; content of value (marketing) and the IT resources required to package the content for dissemination. It is very important to package your website pages (titles and meta descriptions) for the search engines. Again, thanks for the post.


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