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Starting: Dare to Dream of Your Own Business

Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?

hands_cup_sunYou can do it. Niche businesses & services present opportunities. Here are steps to get you started:

First, decide what you want to do for a business.

Second, evaluate the profit potential.

Third, evaluate the competition.

Be Smart before you start. Hey, it’s a tough economy & we still have to weather the recession. Do Not go it alone. Get mentors & advisors now.

Why Mentoring Matters

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, says “My Rich Dad told me long ago, “If you’re the smartest person on your team, then your team is in trouble. That’s why I have my team of advisors. I count on them to bring a variety of talent and experience to the table whenever we look at a business venture.” 

Robert adds, “By surrounding yourself with a good team, you can directly affect the outcome of your financial success.”

Succeed with knowledge, experience & expert advice. When, it’s free and confidential, you owe it to yourself to get a mentor.

-Christine Banning, SCORE
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  1. Jim FlowersVisitor


    Your readers may be interested in the new Four Factors Self-Check on my site. It’s at .

    I see (sadly) far too many entrepreneurs who have been blinded by infatuation with their idea and have launched with low risk of success. Even with mentoring from SCORE or anybody else, it’s very, very difficult to manage recovery from a fundamentally flawed plan.

  2. Jim:

    I like the way you think. There are always opportunities. And, entrepreneurs are risk takers. Take smart risks is our motto at SCORE. Line up capital, before the jump. Be realistic about sales.

    Love your fundamentals of success.


  3. Jim FlowersVisitor

    My crystal ball says that 2009 will be a great year for entrepreneurship. The relative risk in a start-up is closer to the relative risk of losing a “regular” job than it has been in many moons.

    And Mentors are one of the Four Fundamental Factors governing entrepreneurial success, along with Market, Magic, and the biggie, MOXIE.


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