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Sales: Organize Your Sales Process

Plan Your Sales Process

woman_whiteboard_presentationSales is a process of creating interest, building trust, meeting a need and securing a buying commitment.

1. Generate leads.
2. Develop interest & relationships.
3. Identify needs.
4. Ask for the sale.
5. Close the deal.
6. Service the sale.

Helpful Resources:
Background: Sales Process
Trends: Be savvy to the recession.
Conversion: Turn Shoppers into Buyers.
Adivce: Ask SCORE about developing a sales plan.

-Christine Banning, SCORE
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  1. Debbie ImlayVisitor

    This is a wonderful outline of successful sales in a business. I have developed a return clientele on my eBay store, which has, and always is a work in progress. Communication with your customers is key – all anyone wants to know is what are they getting if they are going to spend money on your product. You then need to follow through with what your customer is expecting, especially if your sales are through the internet. Thank you for the wonderful newletter I receive daily – I always read your tips for success.

  2. Debbie:

    Thanks for the comments. Your comments about communicating with clients are excellent. I like the way you tie in the importance of follow-through to meet client expectations. I’m glad you like the blog. It’s so important for all of us in the small business community to talk about ideas & plan on how we make it through the recession with sales in place.

    All the best,


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