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Marketing: Sound Advice for Sales Success
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Form a Connection. Deepen the Bond to Build Client Loyalty.

iStock_000000930358XSmall Ben Franklin was an entrepreneur with big ideas. While money doesn’t grow on trees, getting your big idea across to clients does bring in the green.

Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

How do you involve and engage your clients, so they connect with you and your product or services? Sales success is all about forming that connection, so prospects become clients and clients become fans.

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  1. RalphVisitor

    Connecting with clients is like making a connection with your sales reps. The crucial thing is to establish “trust” on the first impression – only then will your relationship get moving and actually go somewhere.

    There are several ways to captivate a client and turn him or her into a fan. You could make small deposits into his or her “Trust Account”, like you do with your sales reps. Or you could interest him or her by talking big in a clear and visual way, Robert Goizueta-style.

    Know more about these brilliant sales pioneers and other ways to improve relations and establish trust by visiting my website: Top Sales Manager Blog.


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