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Leadership: Looking Ahead with a Mentor

iStock_000004512754XSmallAs a Business Leader, You Look to the Future

Now is the time to identify niche business opportunities. Plan product/service line extensions. And, most important look to the future of customer demand for next year.

Forecasting is all about looking ahead. A mentor can be a great resource for brainstorming, dialogue and focusing your thoughts on future business direction.

Before labor day, commit to yourself the time to look ahead and plan for sales growth and profits in 2010.

To get started: Ask a mentor online some questions to begin your thinking. Then, meet with a mentor in your hometown who can relate to the local market conditions. Find a local SCORE office.

How do you gear up to get focused on the future?

Christine Banning, SCORE
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  1. Brandon: Great process. Thank you for sharing your focus and the habit you’ve created to focus on what’s important for your business success every day. It’s a tip all of us can benefit from.
    Thanks for joining the conversation.

    All the best,

  2. Great advice for all business owners. For me, I like to set aside time in the morning where I am thinking about where my business is at and where I want it to go so that I can make sure my game plan stays up to date.

  3. Mary:

    Sounds like a great meeting. Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to Tech Image’s continued leadership in Tech PR. The Tech Breakfast Club is a great nationwide effort on your part.


  4. Helena: Glad you found the info useful. Best, Christine

  5. Wise counsel, Christine!… I just left a meeting of CEOs, who were sharing the challenge of closing out 2009 strong, but making sure that we have the plans and processes in place to enter 2010 with a strong pipeline of opportunities. To be effective, these plans need to start at least three months out.

    Thanks for the reminder, and for the support you provide with the mentor program. Your team at SCORE is fantastic!

  6. HelenaVisitor

    Thank you for the encouraging information.


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