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Online Networking: Why Twitter Works



If you’re looking for the social media tool with the greatest potential, Twitter is it. The downside is that it requires time and effort. A “tweet” is essentially a 140 character status update. How can this help your business? If your updates are informative, useful or witty, then people will “follow” you. The more followers you have, the greater your influence. Can you imagine being able to reach several thousand people every few hours? The key is to provide information that people can use. Focus on your target audience and go after them with tailored messages. Relevant news, cool trends or recent events in your industry are always good. To get people engaged, ask industry-related questions such as “What’s the best blogging platform and why?”

Use Twitter’s search tool or to find people to follow. Then leave responses to other’s tweets. Don’t forget to post a few of your own tweets. To be successful, you need to post several times a day. In order to help manage the time commitment involved, use an automation tool such as Come up with about 25 updates and schedule them to post every few hours for the next week. Soon, you’ll notice your followers increasing exponentially.

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  1. Tweetlater is a great resource for Twitter. Definitely helps with time management.

  2. J. BarnesVisitor

    Hi Greg. Thanks for the comment. The additional information you provided is excellent. It’s always important to add value to any online community of which you’re a member. Contributing relevant information is key.

  3. Great post Jacalyn, thanks! Twitter is an excellent social media tool. It works especially well when you use it to drive traffic to your blog or frequently updated website if you focus on providing content of value to your target market.

    A few additional tips: stay away from telling others what you had for breakfast or other irrelevant info. Post when you have something of value to communicate to your network and you’ll be more successful. Also, avoid frequent sales pitches and talking about your products and services only. You get what you give; praise your business colleagues and others providing content worth consuming. Again, thanks for the post.


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