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Web Marketing: Moms In Business – Enter Competition, Maybe Get Free PR

Parkers Markers

Are you a mom with a business? Enter Startup Nation’s new competition and maybe get some free PR.  The Leading Moms in Business Competition is “the one and only ranking focused on those ‘can do’ moms who run families and businesses at the same time.”  Parkers Markers has entered, and so should you.  (You can vote for Parkers Markers here.)

The competition will rank the top 200 mom-run businesses across America as determined by popular vote.  It’s open to U.S.-based businesses only.

Benefits of Entering

Publicity. StartupNation will choose moms from among the finalists and create editorial feature stories about them.  “Winners of the Leading Moms in Business Ranking will be part of a very high profile list that will be published and promoted widely in traditional media such as national and local TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines, and on some of the largest, most influential websites on the web, MSN and StartupNation among them.”

Engagement. When you enter, you can post your entry on your website and mention it in emails.  This deepens your engagement with customers and prospects.  “By encouraging them to vote for you and support your quest to be a winner, you provide them with an engaging and fun way to participate in your success. This can help you create deeper loyalty and affinity, which ultimately can lead to business opportunities and increased revenue.”

Credibility. If you win, you can display their emblem on your site.  This is a point of pride and adds credibility to your business. “It’s a huge achievement to be selected from among the millions of moms in business, and your customers will recognize and respect this immediately.”

How to Enter

“To enter you must be a mom and be a majority owner of a business. You must also have a website for your business. No matter what industry, what business model, what size and stage, if you meet those three requirements, you are encouraged to enter.”

Enter here: Leading Moms in Business Competition

Selection Process

Enter by March 31, 2009.
Winners will be announced in early May, 2009.

Is it tough to be a mom with a business? Leave a comment & tell us how you do it.

-Peg Corwin, SCORE Chicago
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  1. Web MarketingVisitor

    I work with tons of mom blogs, so I will be sure to let them know about this. Thanks

  2. My kids are 8 and 10. I hope that by being the CEO of my own company provides them a great example – that being successful is something anyone can do if they work hard, take pride in what they do and follow a good plan. Overall, the kids are excited about my premium, all natural body products business and support it in every way from helping with ideas for commercials to telling me what products to make next. During the last 2 years they have also learned to be more responsible; I think that since they see their mommy working hard and being happy they take it more to heart in keeping their rooms clean and helping fix up the rest of the house. I also volunteer at my children’s school every Friday and we work together every week on projects and/or extra curricular activities that interest them.

    I think I have successfully balanced the time between the home and work. The tough part is financing the business from already a shoe string budget. However, I believe in myself and making the American Dream happen for me and my family.


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