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Web Marketing: 34 Links On How To Promote Your Small Business on Facebook


Should your business have a presence of Facebook? What does it take to create a Facebook page or group for your biz? What do you do next to promote it?

First, let’s be clear that Facebook users log on mainly to hang out with their friends. They aren’t necessarily in a buying mood. But you can promote your business with low key networking or ads targeted at different demographics.

Here’s my latest roundup of links to posts and videos on how to do it. I include dates because Facebook’s software changes.

Small Business Benefits and Strategies

10 Reasons to Use Facebook for Business. Ten good reasons, and more links, from the Pied Piper of Facebook. Why Facebook, August 2008.

Facebook, a Marketer’s Friend: Site Offers Platform To Tout Products, Interact With Users. Intro and discussion of Facebook groups and fan pages for small business. Wall Street Journal, November 2007.

Business Solutions from Facebook. a video introduction, Sage Lewis, January 2008.

Facebook Marketing: Articles and Resources. includes “Using Facebook for Brand Exposure, Traffic and Sales,” “Viral Marketing on Facebook,” and “Facebook Advertising.” DoshDosh, July 2007.

Should You Be Facebook Friends with Clients? How to handle tricky situations, and what to consider before you click confirm. Idea Health and Fitness Association, 2009.

Facebook as a B2B Marketing Tool. “As their own networks of business contacts grow friend by friend, so too does the site’s B2B community as a whole, and the opportunity for interactive marketers to target it.” ClickZ, August 2007.

Top Ten Business Applications for Facebook. There are a zillion applications, so it helps to have someone point out the most relevant. Duck Tape Marketing, August 2008.

Facebook’s Paid Ads

Facebook Advertising. The official page and alternatives.

How Search Marketers are Reaching Local Customers on Facebook. Devin Davis of 5G Search Marketing says Facebook ads are “solid and easily measurable…” January 2009.

Facebook Tries to Woo Marketers: Firm’s ‘Engagement Ads’ Amplify Its Push to Curry Favor With Madison Avenue. Critique of the new ad format. Wall Street Journal, November 2008.

From Keyword Targeting to People Targeting: Talking Performance Advertising with Facebook’s Tim Kendall “Categories that match up well with music, movies, books, hobbies tend to do well.”

Facebook Ads Don’t Work: Here’s Proof. An older article, interesting stats. AUInteractive, October 2007.

Facebook Group or Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook Pages versus Groups. And the Winner Is … See tabular comparison. Metablocks, July 2008.

Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages Bottom line: “Pages are generally better for a long term relationship with your fans, readers or customers, while Groups are generally better for hosting a quick active discussion and attracting quick attention.” Tim’s Blog, February 2008.

Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages. Which is Best? The answer is, you need both. WhyFacebook, 2008.

Which is Better: A Facebook Group or a Facebook Page? A PR prof weighs in. PR Post, April 2008.

Facebook Features Wikipedia’s overview.

How To Create a Facebook Page

Facebook Pages Facebook’s own explanation. Log into your account and then click the button in the upper right to begin.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business. 6 action steps.

Facebook Fan Pages: How to Create and Promote Yours. Lively introductory video. FacebookMari, September 2008.

Guide to Facebook Fan Pages: Destinations versus Collaborative Conversational Spaces Excellent discussion, which may explain why pages get such little traction. Marketing Profs, November, 2007.

Facebook Marketing Part 1 of 2. and Part 2 of 2. Two videos to show you how to create pages and groups.

Facebook For Business: Setting Up a Page for Das Foods My step by step suggestions for a small business.

How Major Retails Can Improve the Effectiveness of Their Facebook Pages The answer is: take advantage of all the built-in features. And add apps, create interactive opportunities. January 2009.

Is a Facebook Page a Complete Social Media Strategy? 5 pros and 4 cons. Mashable, June 2008.

How to Create a Facebook Group

How to Create and Build a Facebook Group. Basic how-to video. RexHarrisonOnline, January 2008

How to Create Facebook Groups. Simple steps and how to promote. Ehow.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Group, Tips to grow your group and how to track your success. Web Analytics World, September 2007.

Promoting Your Page or Group

How to Create and Promote Your Facebook Fan Page. See especially “10 ideas to create buzz with your Page.” Why Facebook, September 2008.

Facebook Pages and Local Search Optimization. How to get local SEO for your Facebook page. Local SEO Guide, March 2008.

Expanding Your Network. How to find friends and join groups. Eventline.

Facebook Group and Fan Page Best Practices See section on moderating user-provided content. Social Media Explorer, October 2008.

Facebook Groups: 10 Steps to Make Your Facebook Group Go Viral. “Are You A Lion Or A Sheep? A Facebook group needs strong leadership and clear direction…” Holograph Life Mapping, October 2008.

Retailers Get Social with Facebook. Table of big retailers with a Facebook page. eMarketer, October 2008.

Sample Pages and Groups on Facebook

Bizlaunch Page

Bizlaunch Group

Club Four

Das Caramelini Fleur de Sel Carmels

Hampton and Co Events Group

Infinite Fashions

SEO Space Group

Zanda Panda Bakeware Page

OK, is Facebook promotion — either networking or ads — worth the effort? I’ve tried low key networking for a month on behalf of SCORE Chicago and did get clients. (I know that’s not really enough time to invest — it was a test.) But networking is constant work. And most pages and groups I come across appear to be inactive. Seems to me that Facebook marketing works best if you have events or webinars to promote, or if you can identify and participate in niche groups that are active. That Marketing Profs link above on destination versus collaboration in conversational spaces is a must read. What do you think?

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-Peg Corwin, SCORE Chicago
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