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Grow: Partnering Your Organization
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How It Works

Partnering is the most important tool that you can utilize in your organization. It is powerful because it allows you to make 1+1 equal eleven. Whatever your strength, you can expand it.  Whatever your weakness, you can bolster it. Whatever your expertise, you can multiply it.  Whatever your goals, you can explode them.

Partnering in today’s world takes one special trait – it requires boldness in thinking.

In today’s downturn economy, the basic thinking is “less is more”. In some instances this may be true, but not in this arena. This is where it requires leadership thinking and forward action.  Pulling together different strengths and abilities to accomplish broad-range goals is what is needed to do anything in a marketplace frozen to inaction.

How is this done? It is said that the first step to success is “showing up”. The next step to a successful partnership after showing up is “asking”. You will be surprised what happens when you call a bank and sit down and speak with them about partnering and building better relationships with their client base. They are going to be as interested as you are. The same will be true of finding a local radio show or TV station and speaking with them about expanding their listening base for their advertising clients.

Here in Phoenix we have the “John Adam Show” on radio station KFNN, and its principal John Adam Kowalski has joined us as an Ambassador with Greater Phoenix SCORE. John and we have been working together for some time now, and we have recently, within the past year, developed an off-site radio show format. It works for the show to bring their broadcast site to a restaurant – it works for the restaurant – it works for us – it works for our clients – it makes a magnificent networking event – and it brings out every partner we have in the community. It works for everyone.

We have another partner – NetworkingPhoenix owned by Gelie Ahkenblit. This is a calendar that hosts all of the events in the area. Gelie is a joint presenter with me in teaching people how to network. Gelie and John can pull hundreds of people into a room to network and their partner Greater Phoenix SCORE is there.

Maryanne Weiss, SCORE Guest Blogger
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