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Leadership: Principle 2 – Partner Up
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In Work as in Life, I Live by Four Simple Principles.

These principles keep me on course and facilitate every business and social interaction I have. This week’s principle is below.

Principle 2: Make Partners
If you don’t share, no one can help you. It’s that simple. If you don’t enlist your colleagues, business associates, family and friends in your goals, they can’t support you in your mission.

In any interaction, there are always two sides: a buyer and a seller. All parties are there because at some level they want the transaction to occur. Find the common ground and engage the others in seeing the mutual benefit. Once all parties have ownership of the outcome, they will want a positive result. From that common ground, you can all work toward the same outcome – if you make them your partners.

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Marilyn Tam, Guest Blogger
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  1. John McCoyVisitor

    I have been talking about SCORE and the SBA anytime I get a chance. That’s one of my favorite soapboxes and I jump on it often. I belong to LinkedIn (the free part) and have posed a “Question” there which I will share with you.
    Want to start a business? Have you checked with SBA and SCORE? (
    I also answer questions for LinkedIn in which I tell people to contact SCORE and the SBA whenever any new or even existing business is involved.
    I have a couple of projects and I need help.
    I’ll be in a wheelchair for awhile now and have come up with an idea I want to patent and market. It involves the “reacher” or “grabber” which you’ve probably seen. They are very nice, but a problem to carry when you’re in a chair. My idea permits a wheelchair-bound person to easily carry one.
    Another problem I’ve had is simply that it is hard to work with my computer when I’m in a chair because I have to maneuver to get under a table. I also find it difficult to carry an open container or most other things when I’m in the chair. I’m having a “table” built which will attach to the chair. That’s the second project. I neither have pictures nor plans, yet, but I will within a week or so.
    The third project involves my “fracture boot.” I have to sleep with the thing because I’ve broken my foot and I didn’t really listen to my podiatrist that well. Now I may be facing foot surgery – Oh, Lord, I hope not. Anyway, one of my problems is that the area around my house is quite muddy and it rains a lot in Florida.
    I’ve come up with an “overboot” for my fracture boot which works quite well. I think these things can be marketed and I really can use the money.
    I have a photo of the grabber sheath and will have plans and photos of the table shortly. We’re still working on the “overboot,” but I can provide a photo of what we have already done. We need to make sure it’s waterproof.
    Just one other thing: I’m a freelance photographer and journalist. I’d appreciate your looking at my work and commenting.
    You can find me on Associated Content. I’m Macbeth 256. Here’s one of my articles. ( Please take a look. I think you can find my other articles there.
    My reason for mentioning this is that I’m wondering if I could take my articles and photography one step further. I’d like to try to do things like a church of the month or some special item on video and market them. I might be able to do this on a local TV station, if I can get sponsors, or I might try to do it on HUBPages ( or something similar. I have a small video camera but will probably need to get a better one.
    Would my style of writing lend itself to such a project?


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