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Customer Service: Why the Hot Button?

j0400327I was counseling a SCORE client the other day who sells a service and was having trouble closing sales.  I asked if she  was careful to find the Hot Button.  Her blank stare told me she didn’t know what I was talking about.  We then discussed how  the hot button is the REAL reason a person doesn’t buy.  

The first reason given may or may not be the real reason.  “Our service department will get back to you” may not be the real reason when the real reason is the individual you are talking with doesn’t have authority to make the decision.  Finding the Hot Button means you dig past the obvious to find the real reason.  Of course, you must do your homework first to make sure you are talking to the decision maker.

As you know, when you get objections it means you didn’t cover the Hot Button in your presentation.  Doesn’t have to be a hard sell, but it does have to be a well through through approach.  There is a difference.  Have you found this to be true?  Does the Hot Button theory sound obsolete to you?   Hope not.  What has been your experience?  Love to hear your story.

Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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  1. Betty OtteVisitor

    Hi, xtrahands: what do you do when they don’t call you? It is important for you to follow up. I never used to give up until they specifically told me, “Don’t ever ever call again.” I may have been a bit extreme, but not calling back is a mistake. Many times they just simply forget. Please follow up by asking how things have been going. If you have personalized the relationship (which you should have) then you have something personal to ask, “is your child over the flu, etc.” Please don’t be shy — we say in marketing it takes 3 to 7 touches to change behavior.
    Good luck and check with SCORE in your area for more tips.

  2. xtrahandsVisitor

    I myself hear a lot is
    yes and they say i will call you and they never do


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