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Starting: Prepare to Own a Business

The Begin Decision. I want to be an entrepreneur.

One of the biggest questions after you say yes to entrepreneurship is:

How do I prepare for success?

Define Your Goals 
Be Your Own Boss Quiz
5 Fast Biz Planning Tips
Business Plan, Template in Word
Get a Mentor

-Christine Banning

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  1. You might run a web search to look for sample business plans. and Palo Alto Software may have templates for that specifici business type.

    You can also use this SCORE template:


  2. Cynthia R. HerringVisitor

    I’m presently in school; My major is “Business Management” I plan to own several full service salons; amoungst other businesses that interest me. I have an assignment in my GBUS 1010 class to present a sampl business plan for a business and I chose a Full service salon; do you know how I can get a “sample” business plan of a full service salon to get some ideas? I can’t seem to get one. It’s only practice not the real deal


  3. i agree with you to become a success person we must at least have 5 point above, and the most important is get mentor or learn from the succeed people

  4. StaceyVisitor

    You also want to create a deadline schedule for all your tasks, because it can become quite overwhelming when you are staring at a random and long “To Do” list. What works for me is to keep a list of daily “Gotta Do” tasks. In addition, I keep a list that I created which has a task per day for each day of the month. Start out in the habit of establishing deadline dates in order to keep you motivated and organized, because things can (and will) pile up if you don’t have some mechanism in place that adds order and sanity to your business.


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