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Marketing: Networking with Business Cards

Tis the Season to See and Be Seen

women_biz_cardsMake the most of December. Attend holiday parties, community events and chamber of commerce events. Between now and December 15th be sure to network. Let it be known that you’re in business and connect in the community.

Have plenty of business cards. Always carry a business card. Even in social settings, you may share contact information. And, it’s a signal to people that you are serious about your business, when you do have cards at the ready.

Don’t be in the position of asking for a pen and note paper to share your contact information. Always get a business card from people you meet to add to your list of contacts.

If your business information has changed during the year, be sure to include a business card with your holiday greeting cards to business associates. Keep in touch and keep your info current.

-Christine Banning, SCORE
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  1. Don’t ever leave the house without your business cards. You never know when you might bump into the person who might dramatically change your business.

  2. Jaime:

    Glad you like the blog. Thanks for adding your web link in your comment. Your site is fantastic. Love your clothing designs.

    Here’s a December networking tip for you. Connect with SCORE in your area. Find an office at Add a free and confidential advsior to your network.

    Blogger Betty Otte is from Orange County, CA. She is exceptional, if you’re near there.

  3. Stacey:

    Thanks for the feedback and smart networking tips!

    Two-sided business cards also work if you want to use a bigger font for contact information and a big logo and tagline on the back of your card. This is frequently used as a technique by boutique retailers and decorating firms.

    Avoid those laminated cards. When you receive a card and want to jot a note about the meeting & can’t write on it that’s annoying. Stick to card stock.

    Happy networking,

  4. JaimeVisitor

    Christine I love your articles. Thanks for all the advise.

    I have two businesses and have always had two separate cards, I am trying my hardest to get rid of my current cards so I can double side print the two clothing lines on the same card. Giving out two cards is getting really old.

    Looking forward to future post.

  5. StaceyVisitor

    . . . and if you are due for new cards, consider adding a list of your services or something descriptive on the back – the services you are not likely to change before you need new cards. It really simplifies things for the person who is trying to explain your business to a prospect. Also, it helps people remember you.

    By the way, if you see you have the same box of cards you had last year or six months ago, get busy; join some business referral groups, do something! Get rid of those cards, strategically and with a view toward establishing solid relationships and a solid and dependable network of contacts, but get rid of your cards.

    Your cards should be out there helping your market your business, not at home in a box.

    Christine, I agree with you 100%!


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