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Managing: Ask Questions to Solve Problems

Arrive at Solutions Through Mentoring

solutions_sign_greenIt’s amazing how generous people can be–just ask. A colleague shared a quote that people may not give you money, but they will give you advice. And, then you can create your own wealth.

1. Test Your Idea. Entrepreneurs create wealth with new business ideas, a new efficiency, a niche product/service and sometimes with a radically new business model. If you have a great idea, talk to a mentor to look at its potential. Get feedback that help you fine tune your concept. Try the eMyth Entrepreneur’s Assessment Tool.

2. New to Consulting? When the economy dips, many professionals consider consulting as an option. Evaluate the idea carefully. Does it suit your workstyle? Are you ready to really market yourself to get clients? What is your strategy–short-term until you get another position or long-term, this is your new path. A mentor can help you set your course and plan next steps. Ask SCORE online.

3. Already in Business? Look at your sales forecast for 2009. Now is the time to plan ahead and really look at sales goals. Projections create problems, if they are too conservative or too optimistic. A mentor can help you look at scenarios and plan realistic sales targets. Download the sales forecast template and Find SCORE near you.

Get a second point of view to test your assumptions. This is the kind of feedback that offers solutions.

-Christine Banning, SCORE
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