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Management: Best SCORE Advice

“Fortune favors the bold.”   Virgil
Paul Kopelcheck, SCORE Counselor, Hilton Head, SC

This is a famous quote by ancient Roman poet Virgil. Sage advice. SCORE Board Chair and mentor Paul Kopelcheck often shares this advice. Good advice comes in many forms. And, this speaks to the entrepreneur, take a risk, think big and don’t shy away from your dream. Owning a business is a leap of faith, planning and persistence. All three require us to be bold. Thank you Paul for always encouraging us to aspire to something great.

“Don’t get greedy. Sell early.”
Nancy Woods, SCORE Counselor, New York City

Every time I follow Nancy’s advice it results in success. Nancy is with my home chapter in New York City. Who knows when a market is going to peak. The key in business decisions is to set your benchmarks and make decisions based on your plan–not for the time when things look too good to be true. Act upon your plans, not emotions for the best results.

“Only 50% of marketing works. The catch is figuring out which 50%.”
Betty Otte, SCORE Counselor, Orange County, CA

SCORE Counselor and fellow blogger Betty Otte often says this of marketing. She says this is not her quote, but one she picked up along the way. This is important! Going in you don’t know what will work…so don’t put all your marketing efforts in just one activity. Be sure to test different activities and review results. Betty’s advice is the wisdom of reality. Base decisions on data and results. Don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over waiting for it work.

What is the best advice SCORE gave you: practical, inspirational, tactical? Share a comment.

-Christine Banning

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