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Manage: Prepare Before a Disaster

Seems obvious. But everyone is so busy. Tornados, hurricanes, floods and a major power surge–any of these can mean real trouble for a small business.

Before Disaster Strikes Protect Your Business

1. Ensure that you have property and equipment insurance regardless of the size of your business.

2. Keep vital documents in a portable box. Include:

  • Articles of organization, licenses and tax ids.
  • Insurance policies and legal documents.
  • Back-up drive of financials.
  • Back-up of all key data.

     3. Develop a standard process of data back-ups. At a minimum–everything monthly. Financial data–at least weekly.

    4. Establish an off-site storage location for a monthly set of back-up drives. This can be a bank safe deposit box or even an attorney in another state. This is a small cost for peace of mind.

    5. Resources to help you get started:

    Be sure to keep emergency phone numbers and emergency cash available in that portable box. Your ability to close your office and walk with a box of vital documents & data files–can mean the difference in getting a speedy insurance settlement & in quickly reestablishing operations. Act now.

    -Christine Banning

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