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Sarah @ sweetriot on Raising Rioting Capital

Raising money is never fun and you’ve probably heard other entrepreneurs discuss it. I have two experiences to share.

Ask Broadly
When I first started to raise money, a fellow entrepreneur said to me, “The ones you think will say yes, will say no. The ones you think will say no, will say yes.“ That advice stays with me still today because it was so insightful. Indeed you cannot always predict who will say yes to your capital request. This makes it even more important to ask broadly, which brings me to my second point.

Don’t be Afraid
As a Midwestern public school girl from a small town, raising money was not my forte nor was a pleasant experience. I finally had to get myself to the point of realizing that I was offering an ‘opportunity’ rather than trying to take something away from people. High net worth individuals and business people love discussing opportunities so go for it!

Success Secret
Belief in yourself and just ask…EVERYONE.

Sarah Endline, Guest Blogger
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  1. Sharon WilsonVisitor

    You are so right. As a successful entrepreneur you need to believe in yourself, your business and the product you are marketing. Any business transaction should be viewed as a mutual positive sharing experience. You truly need to believe you are leaving your client better off than they were before.

  2. consolidsation loanVisitor

    Education is crucial in business, the more you can ask of the pros the more you will learn. Great advice.

  3. Marney LewisVisitor

    You are so right. Great points, especially the one about ‘opportunity’ rather than looking at it like you’re trying to take something away from people. You definitely need to believe in yourself, your product and business.


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