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Technology: How do you remember due dates and promises?
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To use your brain for thinking instead of for remembering, you’ll need to put external cues in place that will trigger your thoughts. With any situation and as things come up, always ask yourself: “How am I going to remember this?”

You probably already use some type of to do list, tickler file, calendar or task reminders in Outlook, sticky note, etc. I use all of these plus a lot of checklists. But when it’s something I need to remember that I will look pretty foolish if I forget, I use a free download, the Talking Alarm Clock from Cinnamon Software.

The Talking Alarm Clock lets your computer remind you of important deadlines. Each reminder pops up in a separate box with either a talking character or other sound. You’ll also discover these other features.

  • An alarm can be set to go off once, daily, weekly, monthly or annually, with very flexible scheduling.  Each alarm can have multiple schedules.

  • You can configure an alarm to open files, run programs, send email, and open Web pages.

  • An icon in the Windows® system tray gives quick access to the alarm clock.  The New Alarm Wizard makes adding an alarm fast and easy.

So the next time you need to remember something important, set the reminder and forget about it. Let me know the first time it saves you!

- Peggy Duncan

I’m a productivity and technology speaker, trainer, author, and consultant. I own The Digital Breakthroughs Institute in Atlanta GA.
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