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Management: Social Networking Can Lead to Social Notworking

Jade didn’t understand why it was so hard for her to finish projects on time. She worked crazy hours but was always trying to catch up. I suggested that she maintain a time log for at least a week to track how she was spending her time.

Guess what? Jade was spending more time twittering, flickring, facebooking, and myspacing than she was working. She’d landed inside the latest craze of all the popular social networking tools, but she became so addicted it led to social notworking.

If this sounds familiar and you think the same thing has happened to you, keep the time log for a few days. Make a visual of how you’re spending your time and let me know what you discover.

I hope you’ll start to balance all this. Social networking is good for business if you do it right, but it can’t get done to the detriment of everything else.

-Peggy Duncan, SCORE Atlanta
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I’m a productivity and technology speaker, trainer, author, and consultant. I own The Digital Breakthroughs Institute in Atlanta GA.
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  1. JordanVisitor

    Those who do not know how to manage their time well fall into these traps. If it is not social networking it will be something else. That goes for off line too.

  2. StaceyVisitor

    I have found that sometimes, even though I am working while social networking, I often spread myself too thin by making too many overlapping, social networking business commitments, which leads to offline stress when you sign off and come back to reality. Whether you are working or playing while social networking, watch the clock and watch your promises, because you can get into trouble either way. It’s like a credit card in that it’s easy to just whip it out and make the commitment because the promise you are making is not “real” yet . . . not until the end of the month, and in my case, not until I get off line and discover how many other things I have to do with my time.


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