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Technology: Sharing Your Calendar Just Got Easy…and Free

If you need to share your calendar with a virtual assistant or family member, there are various solutions available, but Google has made it easy and free. 

I use Outlook to its fullest. If you knew it the way I do, you wouldn’t use anything else. It never crossed my mind to use the Google Calendar until now. It integrates with Outlook, and you can easily share your calendar with the public or only with certain people that you designate. And did I mention that it’s free?

Keeping the two in sync is easy…as easy as with your PDA. I manage my calendar only in Outlook, and any change I make is synched to the Google Calendar as soon as I connect to the Internet. I gave my family access (viewing only) so they can always keep up with me. This is just too good.

Here is an overview (opens in new window).

-Peggy Duncan

I’m a productivity and technology speaker, trainer, author, and consultant. I own The Digital Breakthroughs Institute in Atlanta GA.
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  1. khealeyVisitor

    I’ve been using Google Calendar for just a month now for my personal calendar & what’s been great is that I have my fiance’s calendar linked to mine & vice versa, so we can keep better track of things we plan together & such. It’s definitely made our lives better! It also can be synced with iCal too for all us Mac users out there!

  2. CBVisitor

    If you want an alternative to Google Calendar for sharing thats a little more straight forward you might want to check out Calgoo ( They just offered all their product for free a couple days ago and a lot of good online sources like web worker daily have covered them. I checked it out and so far so good, I’ve used their Hub program to share my calendar from my outlook with my wife and business partners.



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