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Management: Google Makes It Easier to Run Your Business
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Here is a great post, 10 Top Google Tools That Solopreneurs Must Have, on free tools from Google that will help you run your business. I especially liked this article because internet strategist, JB Brathwaite, took time to explain what each popular tool does and whether it will help you make money or save you time and money.

-Peggy Duncan, SCORE Atlanta
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  1. StaceyVisitor

    Google is also great if you are working remotely with others who are not a part of your firm, when you need to stay in constant contact with each other, e.g., strategic partners on a project. For example. I am a solopreneur, but I am working on a charity project , building a website for a school and this project requires and involves six other professionals, all of whom work in different offices throughout the city. We keep abreast of each other’s developments by using a group file created in Google. So, for instance, if there is a meeting scheduled and emails go out to confirm or approve of a date, everyone can see what everyone else’s status is by going to your group’s file. It’s a virtual office that keeps you in constant contact and saves lots of time and stress.


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