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Web Marketing: Where to Focus Online Marketing Efforts?

There are a zillion ways to market your business online. Where do you start? What’s most important? In an article on her Small Business Trends blog, online pro Anita Campbell gives us the answer in this graphic:

online marketing priorities

Most important by far is your website. It’s the bull’s-eye of Anita’s circle. You need an online presence as the center point for your marketing. If you don’t already have one, get an overview of websites in this online tutorial: Creating an Online Presence.

Email marketing, in my opinion, is key in her inner circle. Keeping in regular touch with current clients and prospects is critical. And collecting new emails from your website is an integral part of the process. Get introduced to the idea in this short post: Harness the Power of Internet Marketing.

SEO (search engine optimization) and pay-per-click ads are ways to drive prospects to your website. The first uses words ON your website and its code, as well as external links. The second uses your important keywords in paid ads. I’d say, cover the basics of SEO (The Three Steps of Search Engine Optimization) and test some Google Adwords campaigns.

Blogs give your business great exposure and drive traffic to your website. I think blogs are less important than the above, and not everyone has to have one. Someone in your organization must like to write and publish regularly to make blogging pay off. This post tells you how and where to start: Blogging: Intro, Video and Links.

I place online press releases last in Anita’s inner circle of critical marketing activities. I’m least enthusiastic about the payoff here. I’ve tried some “free” ones, but most sites want you to pay for “better placement.” Here’s an slideshow overview: Where and How to Submit SEO Press Releases by SEO Content Solutions.

I’ll comment on Anita’s outer circle of marketing activities in my Online Marketing Series. Meanwhile, where do you focus your online marketing efforts? What’s working for you? Please leave me your thoughts here in a comment.

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