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Web Marketing: 52 Links on Twitter for Business, with Brief Descriptions


Like a good ex-librarian, I’m going to point you to links on using Twitter in your business, and give you a brief summary of each. (If you don’t know what Twitter is, watch this short video or click this intro link.)

Here are the categories I used: Why Twitter for Business? Getting Started with Twitter, How to Use Twitter Better, Community Building on Twitter, Local Twitterers, Getting Followers, Deciding Who to Follow, and Other Links.

Why Twitter for Business?

17 Ways to Use Twitter:  A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners These 17 ways, from Dosh Dosh’s blog, are:  personal branding, get feedback, hire people, direct traffic,  read news, make new friends, network for benefits, use it as a ToDo list, business management, notify your customers, take notes, event updates, find prospects, provide live coverage, time management and analysis, set up meetings, and acquire votes.

Making a Business Case for Twitter Connie Benson’s case is:  customer relations, crisis communications, crowd sourcing, brand building and communications, lead generation, customer references, announcements, and professional networking.

Is the Entreprise Ready for Microblogging Tools like Twitter? Business uses are:  emergency broadcast system, knowledge management, training, expert identification, seeing the connectors, inclusion of external stakeholders.

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business Chris Brogan gives us: first steps, ideas about what to tweet, some sanity for you, negatives people will throw at you, positives to throw back.  Specifically “Be wary of always pimping your stuff. Your fans will love it. Others will tune out.”

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter: Does It Belong? This blogger’s answer is no.

The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007… (aka Why and How I use Twitter) As a news source, knowledge network, virtual water cooler, way to stay up to date with friends, travelogue, track conferences, pr/marketing tool, learning tool, as fun, daily lesson in humility and brevity.

The Evolution of Brands on Twitter. Jeremiah Owyang describes baby steps, walking and running for brands using Twitter. 

Getting Started With Twitter

Newbie’s Guide to Twitter How to get started, how to hook up your phone, sending Twitter messages.  The basics.

Birds of a Feather Twitter Together.  Basics from the Wall Street Journal‘s Mossberg.

How and Why to Use Twitter for Small Business This video introduces Twitter and how to use it.  Business uses are: to disseminate breaking news; share product information, coupons and events with followers; and handle customer service issues.

Twitter for Biz? 5 tips on setting up a business account on Twitter.

Twitter for Business: 10 Things to Consider Before You Get Started Basic business considerations.

From Twits to Tweeple:  Why I Embraced Twitter and Why You Should Too Nice step-by-step screen shots to show you how to set up and use Twitter.

Still Trying to Understand Twitter?  Think of Post-It Notes. Three types of notes:  messages you want to hear, messages to you, and messages about you.

You Should be Looking for Small Businesses on Twitter Anita Campbell answers the questions “What the Heck is Twitter?” and “How Do I Learn More”, giving 6 links for newbies.

How to Use Twitter Better

Twellow:  The People Search Twitter Should’ve Been Describes Twellow, a website to search for Twitter users by directory category or keyword.

All Links are Not Equal.  Why Twitter Links Grow Conversations “…you’ll likely see a big difference in your response rates when you get picked up by another blog, verses when you get picked up on Twitter.”  Why?  Because Twitter users are engaged.

Ogilvy Public Relations — Twitter Strategy Series

1.  Customer Relations

2Crisis Communications

3.  Corporate Reputation Management

4. Event Coverage and Promotion

5.  Sales and Public Relations

6. Nonprofit and Issue Advocacy

7.  Media Relations and Twitter

8.  Internal Communications

The Creation of Twitter Best Practices Kristin Foster’s best practices for Twitter – 9 dos and 5 don’ts.

Why Twitter Should Matter To You: Twustomer Service Edition. Examples of using Twitter for customer service.

Why Twitter Should Matter To You 102:  Uhaul Edition “While Twitter is incredibly helpful for a brand or an individual who wants to get proactively involved in a conversation – it’s also an essential customer service tool in today’s fast paced social media environment”  Example — Uhaul.

Twitter Bootcamp for PR: a Recap Short video on new opportunities, best practices, case study, strategic planning, mastering the Twitpitch, how to use Twitter step by step, and pitfalls to avoid.

FAQs about Twitter and Public Relations Who should use, best way to manage, find relevant tweets, build my following.

Community Building on Twitter

How to: Build a Community on Twitter 10  to-do’s to build a community on Twitter.  See especially 8 points of etiquette.

How Not To: Build Your Twitter Community Practical advice to avoid common mistakes.

How Your Company Can Build a Community on Twitter Monitoring, talking to them, brand your profile page, get your blog to work in your Twitter profile, does it work?

7 Ways to Use Microblogging Services Like Twitter for Traffic and Brand Exposure 7 tips and also a list of 6 microblogging networks.

Local Twitterers

Twitter Local – Find Out Who’s Tweeting Near You “takes a location, postal code or a state, together with a mile radius, and spits out an RSS or XML feed with tweets from that area.”

Twitter and Local Search About using Twitter locally, including

Getting Followers

How to Get More Twitter Followers:  Some Methods that Work Maximize visibility, don’t follow the favorite methodology of spammers.

How To Grow Your Twitter Following (Even if You Are Not A Marketer) 6 ways to get more people to follow you.

So How Do You Find People on Twitter? Twitter search, Twitter Packs Wiki and Tweetscan are his answers.

How to Grow Your Twitterfluence and Twitter Grade Discussion of these two Twitter rating tools, and how to boost your rankings.

Deciding Who to Follow

How Do You Decide Who To Follow on Twitter? Factors are ratio of followers, bio, avatar, recent posts, location.


Three Twitter Tricks with Twitterfeed Integrating Twitter feeds into blogs, Pownce, and Facebook.

Twitter ToolBox. 140 Twitter-related tools, widgets and plugins.

Develop  a Twitter Landing Page. What is a Twitter landing page and how to build one. A site to put in keywords and get emails with tweets, like  “Google Alerts” for Twitter.

Make Money from Twitter.  Be paid to include ads with your tweets?

5 Top Excuses for Not Joining Twitter: 1.  It’s a waste of time for business.  2.  Why do I need to know this nonsense?  3.  My Customers aren’t on Twitter.  Or my industry is too niche for Twitter. 4.  It takes too much time.  5.  I don’t want to give people an opportunity to say negative things about me and my company.

Twitter Demystified and Debunked 4 myths:  1. It’s microblogging, or something.  2.  It’s all about answering the question “What are you doing?” 3.  It’s a time suck, and  4.  There are no problems in Twitterville.

Clive Thompson on How Twitter Creates A Social 6th Sense: “Individually, most Twitter messages are stupefying trivial. But the true value of Twitter…is cumulative. The power is in the surprising effects that come from receiving thousands of pings from your posse.”

Wikipedia on Twitter How it started, microblogging alternatives. See also a list of prominent Twitter users.

And much more on the TwitTip blog “Twitter Tips in 140 Characters or More.”

The Ultimate Small Business Twitter List A great list of the Twitter names of key people in small business and online media.

I’m sure I missed your favorite Twitter link, so please leave it for me in a comment.

-Peg Corwin, SCORE Chicago
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  1. SeanVisitor

    Twitter can be an excellent tool for reaching a niche
    community. Companies typically have a business and/or personal persona on Twitter. The personal accounts (ex: Joe Smith of XYZ Company) tend to be more effective for conversations since they more of a personal touch. The company persona seems to work best as an extension of press releases or event notices.

    I would focus on following strong voices in the Twitter community that can spread your message or ideas, in addition to potential clients. Eventually, with the right people spreading the message (or re-tweeting), word will get out.

  2. SeanVisitor

    Great collection of Twitter resources! I’ve noticed more small businesses seeing the benefits of using Twitter to connect to a niche audience.

  3. A wonderful list and examples of each should make it easier for people to decide which function and purpose will serve them best.
    Always good to know before investing a great deal of time and effort trying to force something to work or figuring out the hard way that it won’t. Very generous and appreciated. Thank you,

  4. anshu gargVisitor

    Really appreciate for sharing a good list.

  5. Peggy DuncanVisitor

    Awesome, Peg. The time you took to do this is much appreciated. Here is a list of 101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter,

  6. StaceyVisitor

    . . . and I thought I had Twitter resources covered on my blog. Peg, GREAT JOB, as usual! I will be sharing your information with my coaches and consultants.


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