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Manage: Three Things We Can Learn From the Presidential Race

With presidential candidates nominated, it’s time to reflect.  What lessons can we draw for business from what we have seen?  Here’s my take: three “political” lessons for small business owners.

1.  Be passionate about your vision. Taking about hope and the future inspired voters.  Your vision for your business, and your passionate commitment to it, can inspire your staff too.  Click here to make mission and vision part of your business.

2.  Use the power of web marketing and technology. In the election process as in the rest of life,  communications technology and the Internet have altered our reality.  Those who master these changes pull out ahead.  You too need to take advantage of this new technology to maximize your business success.  Click here to learn more about technology for your business.

3.   Build a strong and trusted team. The candidates have powerful field operations and good advisers.  You too need strong people in the field, selling and delivering your product or service to customers.  You too want people around you who can analyze, plan and execute.  Click here for advice on how to build a cohesive business team.

How do you rate yourself in these three dimensions?  Why not apply these political lessons in your small business?  What other lessons can we draw?  Please talk to me in a comment.

Peg Corwin, SCORE Chicago
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