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Growing: 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail/10 Razones Por Las Que Un Negocio Falla

What are 10 reasons why small businesses fail? A Spanish-speaking counselor at SCORE Chicago translated these reasons, and I thought I’d share them with women in two languages.

  1. Lack of Experience · Falta de Experiencia
  2. Insufficient Capital · Falta de Dinero
  3. Poor Business Location · Inadequado Local para el Negocio
  4. Bad Inventory Management · Mala Administración de Inventarios
  5. Over-Investing in Fixed Assets · Gasto excesivo en Bienes Raices
  6. Making Bad Credit Arrangements · Malos acuerdos de Préstamos
  7. Mixing Personal and Business Funds · Mezclar los Fondos Personales con los del Negocio
  8. Mismanaging Growth · Mala Administración del Crecimiento
  9. Failing to Respond to Competition · Ignorar a la Competencia
  10. Lack of Sales · Falta de Ventas

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