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Finance: Overcome Credit Card Debt

We are barely making our minimum credit card payments every month. I can feel us slowly slipping out of control. HELP!

I’m glad that you contacted us before things get totally out of control…a position that many Americans find themselves in today. Even making just the minimum payments on your credit cards is not a good situation.

First, depending on your situation, you may be able to save hundreds on your credit card interest just by asking for a lower interest rate. (Follow these steps.)

Before things get out of control, consider using a credit counselor. One we like is a non-profit organization called the National Center for Credit Counseling. You can find out more at or by calling 800-388-2227.

By simply stating where you live, the NFCC will hook you up with a credit counselor in your area who will help you get aback on track by, possibly, helping you consolidate some of your credit, negotiate with credit card companies, and so on.

Not all credit counseling services are legitimate, so make sure you know what to look for to protect yourself.

And don’t wait. Do it today! You CAN get your debts under control.

-Daria Dolan, guest blogger

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  1. LWVisitor

    thanks for this nice post

  2. DebtVisitor

    It is very informative and valuable article. Thanks for your valuable article.

  3. CeeCeeVisitor

    Very good post. I believe we should do what our grandparents did… pay with cash. If we can’t afford to pay with cash, then don’t buy it. Quit trying to live like everyone else by having the largest TV on the block, the nicest car in the driveway, because the garage is so full of junk that is never used, and trips galore.

    Get back to the basics and pay off your debt, and live a simpler life. Spend activities with the family that are free, i.e. the park, cards, board games, and exercise activities outside. Let’s appreciate others more than things we can buy.

  4. How do I get that address off of my credit report? I called to ask the Trans Union a question regarding that and I wasn’t even able to verify the address on my credit report because I don’t know what address that is… I was able to verify my current address but since I didn’t know that the representative wouldn’t help me always ready to help their clients.

  5. if you’d like to ask some one else how much they like this post i think the answer is goingto be.. very much, an original blog…

  6. Michelle DunnVisitor

    This is so important, make sure you call your credit card company sooner than later. Let them know you are having a problem paying and ask for a lowered interest rate even if it is for a short time so that you can get back on your feet, for example 12 months or 6 months. Some times you can also ask the credit card company to credit any interest, late fees or even part of the balance if you cancel the card and explain that you are having financial problems. They would rather get that money from you than nothing at all.
    Good luck, I know this is very stressful.
    Michelle Dunn


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