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Takes Focus to Focus!

j0396111I was talking to a client the other day who was unnecessarily repeating her story. I felt like saying, “I got it the first couple of times,” but didn’t as I figured she needed to vent her concerns more than once in her mind. Priding myself on truly listening to what clients are saying, I had to really focus. Made me realize that it takes focus to focus. How easy is it when talking to a client or customer to step on their words with our own words or to let the mind wander in and out of the conversation. To truly listen to someone, you need to not only hear the words, but to watch the body language including the facial expressions.

Small children are good examples of focus. Although their focus may be short lived (short attention spans), when they are talking or listening it is with every ounce of their being. Do you have trouble listening to a boring customer or employee? Go past the words to what is really going on in their heads. As I learned, it takes focus to focus. When has this happened to you?

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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