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Sales: Who says “Hello” first?

I got a long-term SCORE client by first saying “Hello” to her in an elevator. Fortunately, she didn’t consider me a masher, we started a conversation that continued in the lobby and we have been working together ever since.

You never know where your next big client will show up so let your confidence, poise and graciousness shine through when meeting new people and always say, “Hello” first. Puts them at ease and lets you control the initial conversation. How did you get your first big client? Bet it wasn’t through an ad in the paper!

-Betty Otte

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  1. BettyVisitor

    Hi, BMW: thanks for he idea of leavng a card, also. Something else that jolted me was in the super market. I was standing in line and a woman complimented me on how neatly I had arranged my grocieries in the basket. At first it took me back as it was in no way a deliberat move. I later told her I learned to organize tasks at SCORE. Was a stretch, but got the word out.

  2. This is valuable advice for anyone in business, not just sales people. Word of mouth is the best value marketing and simply striking up a conversation that leads to letting people know what you do and where you work creates all sorts of opportunities.

    My sales trainer ( ) encourages us to do this, and among other things, to leave a business card when we tip anyone who provides us service. One of his recent examples was his dry cleaner asked him where to buy a new prestige car because the dry cleaner knew he trained prestige car salespeople.

  3. BettyVisitor

    Hi, Marti: what a GREAT story! I once got a SCORE client from wearing my SCORE pin in an elevator. A question, “what is SCORE?” was all it took. Talked to another woman in line at the super market, but she didn’t turn out to be a client.
    50% isn’t bad!

    Thank you for your story. Anyone else out there have the same experience?

  4. MartiVisitor

    I love this tip! One of my big clients came from the dentist’s chair. I was having a root canal and the dentist was curious about what a business coach does. Three years later, I’m still coaching him, his managers and the whole staff. That taught me that being an entrepreneur is 24/7–you never know how your next client will show up.


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