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Technology: Is there life without technology?

My small family of 7 type A personalities share time together each year in a house at Cape Cod. One of us had the idea to spend Sunday without electronics — no satellite radio, TV, cell phones, credit cards and, most importantly, no computers. 12 AM to 12AM. 24 hours. That is when the vacation really began, but it took us about 12 of the 24 hours to figure it out. It took that long to realize life can go on without checking email, without calling in for messages and without using a credit card. For that short period of time, we all stopped our dependence on technology by purchased groceries with cash, singing and talking to each other. Turned out to be fun. We even got around to digging up some pretty funny family history stories.

The big question is: Can we do it again next year on a week day? A week business day could be scary. Are we so bound by our needs to “keep up with what is happening” that we miss the now and the fun of each other? Could you do it? Let me hear your story.

What is your guess? Could you do it? Let me know — I could use your tips for survival .

-Betty Otte

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  1. BettyVisitor

    Hi, Suzanne: thank you for taking the time to make us all stop and think. One of my SCORE friends had a son’s unexpected death this week and all your comments really hit the heart. Do we even think twice when saying good by to our family in the morning or is it ritual? Your comments could not have come at a better time.
    Thank you.

  2. SuzanneVisitor

    Thank you for this reminder. We suffer from too much of too much and it pulls us away from enjoying life. Their is a level of anxiety involved with detaching yourself from all of the tools and attachments that are proclaiming to “make our life easier”… what it seems to do quite successfully is take us away from being in the moment! The precious, few and rare moments that we experience. A kindergarten ceremony only happens once and blackberry buzzes add nothing but static to a special occasion. How about the loving embrace that says “bon voyage” that is broken by the sound of a ringing phone? It doesn’t kill or hurt anyone to take a moment and essentially smell the roses. I guarantee you life goes on and your quality of life stock will rise significantly.

    Simply put…next year when you are concerning yourself with being detached from your crackberry and every bodies problems and needing to fix them and staying abreast of the news…remember that that moment is all that you have and quite possibly you might not get the chance to enjoy it again.

  3. BettyVisitor

    Hi, TAO: your comment is spot on regarding a typical day. Maybe we just need to follow Melodee’s original advice and “just do it.”

  4. TAOVisitor

    Betty & Derryl What an excellent idea. I remember being on the Cape before and from my memory it already has a much slower pace of life than lets say, New York or Newport Beach. I can only wonder if holding on to your tech free day would be as easy in the reality of a “typical day” in places like these?

  5. BettyVisitor

    Hi, Derryl: do we plan to do on a regular basis? How much collective guts do we have. The big test would be a week day. Have you done it — it is like gtting off drugs — start on a slow Sunday. Let me know how it works for you.

  6. DerrylVisitor

    Hi Betty:
    Thanks, I really appreciate your posts! We all assume that technology makes our lives easier and better and we forget the pitfalls. We need to stop sometimes and smell the roses. Do you plan to do this on a regular basis?

  7. Betty OtteVisitor

    Hi, you are more amazing as you did it without peer pressure. It was amazing how everyone was watching everyone the whole day just waiting to catch someone. Also, to do it on a week day would be harder. Sunday was the easiest. We go to the Cape every year and are talking about doing a Saturday next year. Guess that is the next hardest.
    Go for it. (if you can stand it — I’m the one impressed!)

  8. You are an amazing woman! To go without technology for an entire day is a great accomplishment.

    Last Thursday afternoon (just for the afternoon, mind you) I shut down my home office computer and turned off my cell phone. I then proceeded to sit in my easy chair, put up my feet, and I read a book! It was extremely liberating. In fact, it felt so good, I just might do it again this week :-)


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