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Does Visualization Work?

Do you ever wonder if visualizing works or if it is just psychobabble hype? Well, let me tell you — IT WORKS!

I wanted to own my own company so for years I collected business cards of company presidents. My plan was that if I collected enough of these “important” cards, someday I could have this title on MY card. I have to say, it didn’t happen overnight as it took a couple of years, but by a strange quirk of fate, an opportunity arose from a very unexpected source and I became President of my own company!

Do you call this luck or positive expectations? Would it have happened with or without my business card collection? I leave that decision up to you. It is like why do I buy expensive face moisturizers when a little Crisco would do the same thing (per my husband). Well, maybe the Crisco would work, but is it worth taking the chance? Your choice. Do you visualize? Does it work for you?

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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  1. Arts MusingsVisitor

    Visualization works! Think about anything you’ve achieved in your life and you’ll likely remember visualizing it in some form – whether you did it consciously or unconsciously.

    I’ve used the poster board, cutting out pictures and words from magazines. Now I’ve expanded that to include putting pictures on my desktop. I’ll find pictures on the internet that I like, copy and paste them into Word, then save them as a jpeg file. Then I can easily make them my desktop background.

    I also include words, phrases and affirmations. This is an excellent no cost option for those that are in front of their computer regularly.

    Try this as well: Once you’ve visualized what you want, say “I am that, I am” (from the book the Moses Code by James Twyman.)

    It’s all good – it all works. Belief and consistent visualization are the key.

  2. BettyVisitor

    Hi, Melodee: what a fantastic idea! I doubt my ability to do what you did with the computer board, but I sure can do one with the photos you mention. Your idea just jumped to the top of my today’s to do list. Anyone else out there tried Melodee’s idea? Would really enjoy hearing any further tips you may have.

  3. I agree – visualization works! Have you tried making a “vision board”? (Google it and you get some great ideas on how to make one.)

    Normally, you use pictures from magazines and poster board to create a vision of what you want to attract into your life. I’m a computer geek so I did it with jpeg images and desktop publishing software :-)

    Things really started to happen after I created it. Great things! So do yourself a favor and make that vision board today!


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