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HR: Are you an Inner or an Outer?

Have you ever noticed what you thought would motive someone falls flat? That’s because there are two types of people in terms of motivation: Inner and Outer. Outer people are the easiest. Lots of praise, taking to lunch, flowers for desk or a small gift such as new favorite novel. Inner people respond by being left alone to do a self-directed task and only seek minor recognition at the end of a significant project. No bells or whistles just a smile and recognition of a job well done. Which are you, an inner or an outer?

-Betty Otte

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  1. BettyVisitor

    Thank you Marti for your question. I sent you a more extended answer, but basically, knowing the method to reinforce good behavior or to praise is a matter of observation. Each person is an individual and it is up to the manager or fellow employee to mirror the actions of the other (as in sales).

    Lisa, thank you for your quote. This last weekend at the eWomen Network Conference, it was all about relationships. We hang out with and do business with people we know and trust. You are spot on!

  2. Lisa BentsonVisitor

    I heard a quote recently that is worth considering:
    “No one cares how much you know…until they know how much you care”.
    Women are especially good at this and I encourage us all to be true to what we know works; building business freindships/relationships

  3. MartiVisitor

    Important distinction–how can a manager tell which type will work for individual team members? How does it work to ask individuals which type of acknowledgment they prefer–are most of us aware?

  4. What a great blog. I am going to let my clients and colleagues know about it and look forward to more great articles.

    Writer, Women and Money: Where Chicks Make “Cents” Blog


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