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Management: What’s on your Mind?

Now, is the time to solve problems and seize opportunities.

Small business owners are said to be perpetual optimists. I believe optimistic yes–and savvy. Use your savvy this fall to build a success team. Here’s how:

1. Surround yourself with positive people. Stay focused and upbeat through turbulent times. Check out Barry Moltz’s book on resilience. Don’t let the economy get you down, bounce back with a focus on the future and what you can do to influence positive outcomes.

2. Seek out mentors. Don’t go it alone, when you can get an experienced mentor for free and confidential advice. Ask SCORE. SCORE has helped small businesses make it big. Check out Vera Bradley Designs.

3. Search for niche opportunites. Look at your product or service line-up carefully. Are there product or service extensions that will help you increase sales with existing clients. Is there an unmet need that gives you a way to customize a current offering to make it more appealing. Set up 2009 with a focus on adapting what you offer–to what clients may want in this economy.

4. What’s on your mind? What questions do you have? Is there a burning issue you would like to see answered on the blog? Share a comment or question. What do you need to know to succeed in 2009?

Barry MoltzSpeaker, Consultant & Author
With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures, Barry has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners out of their funk and marching forward. He has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 15 years. He is the author of three small business books. | Facebook | @BarryMoltz | More from Barry

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  1. Barry MoltzVisitor

    Thanks for the call out
    Readers may be interested in 8 Actions they can take to thrive in a recession

  2. Barry:

    You know I love your book Bounce and your take on creating success in good times and bad. Thanks for joining the conversation and adding the link.

    Feel free to link to the blog and share the value of a mentor in coaching success. SCORE is happy to help.



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