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Exit Strategy: Some Common Objections

Some of the common objections which usually hold a business owner back from selling are:

- It’s not worth enough to meet my financial needs
- I’ll just walk away when I am finished
- The employees and customers will leave when they find out
- I’ll have to work for the new owner
- Takes too long and costs too much
- The tax bite will be too big, I’ll stay and get paid over time
- Last, but certainly not least, “what will I do, this business is my life!”

What I really want to emphasize to you……don’t guess. Now is not the time to let someone practice on the sale of YOUR business. Find a qualified expert. There is a great reference tool. It’s the book, “How To Run Your Business So You Can Leave It In Style.” John H. Brown. In the next blog well look at some of the strategies you may want to use.

-Anne Groth, Guest Blogger
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